♥ Who Remembers ‘Goddess EdT’ from the 80s/90s?

‘Goddess’ Eau de Toilette, from Coty Paris New York, was my favorite fragrance and signature scent from the 80’s / 90’s, then it got discontinued and i have been looking for it ever since. I really loved this fragrance, it was part of me and of a very significant part of my life.

If anyone remembers any info like the perfumer, the notes, release year and year it was discontinued, or even still has a filled or empty bottle, please contact me or leave a comment, i would be forever thankful!!


♥ A Personal Fragrance Profile

The following Fragrance Profile was created based on my personal fragrance wardrobe and with the help of Michael Edward’s Fragrance Wheel and Fragrance Finder to make a detailed analysis.

If you like (or dislike) the categorized fragrances, then the following recommendations will be useful for you too.

The recommendations are new fragrances that were released in 2016.